Engineer to design workflow using Unreal Engine 5



We are expanding our business in virtual human production, research and development of foundational virtual human technologies, and businesses related to metaverse, virtual fashion, and the latest AI trends. Our vision is to create global stars of virtual humans, and we have been distributing various virtual human-related content worldwide. In preparation for future business expansion and internal strengthening, we are recruiting engineers who can design workflows using Unreal Engine 5. Main responsibilities: As an Unreal Engine Engineer, you will focus on real-time development of virtual humans using UE5, and be responsible for efficient workflow specification design and technical validation of new tools.



  • Practical experience in 3D content development using
  • Unreal Engine 5 or Unity
  • Practical experience in C++ or BluePrint


  • Practical experience in C# and Python
  • Experience in content creation for VTubers
  • Practical experience as a studio engineer
  • Practical experience in motion capture
  • Experience in web application development
  • Knowledge of graphics pipelines


  • Motivated individuals willing to challenge themselves in new fields
  • Individuals who prioritize maximizing team output over personal achievements
  • Those who can absorb the latest technologies and apply them to development tasks
  • Individuals who have an interest in or passion for virtual humans
    Those interested in AR/VR-related content development


  • Depends on experience and ability
  • Raise in salary
  • Bonus

Work hours

  • Discretionary Labor System for Specialized Work(Working hours are flexible, and will be considered as working for 8 hours, no matter the actual working time)

Holidays and Vacations

  • Weekends and national holidays
  • 2 days off per week
  • Summer vacation
  • New Year(6 days of 12/291/3
  • Paid vacation
  • maternity leaveLast used example in 2023


  • Meguro-ku, Tokyo
  • On-site with Remote Flexibility


  • Social insurance (health insurance, welfare pension, etc.)
  • Commuting allowance (up to 25,000 yen)
  • Communication expense allowance (with limit)
  • PC rental
  • Water server
  • Referral system
  • No dress, hair code


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