Aww Inc. is
the first virtual human company in Japan representing Asia.
We believe that Virtual Human can change the world. When we say it, we actually mean it.


We named ourselves Aww, with the hope to keep producing something that engages people’s imagination and makes them feel in “Aww”.

Our mission is to create new concepts that can be part of culture, even if it’s a little twisted, we hope to share our message and get people thinking.



We have signed an exclusive management contract with creator “YKBX”

YKBX is a creator with 3 faces: a video director, an art director, and an artist. He is known for his various […]

imma featured in Forbes Women “Women of the Year 2020”

“We are pleased to announce that imma has been selected as one of the “”Women of the Year 20 […]

imma’s invites everyone to visit her house in Animal Crossing.

imma releases her Dream Code in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Dream Code: DA-8771-2173-5663 On the 2nd floor […]



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