After over 10 years of R&D in creating photo realistic virtual humans, our world class CG team has been at the forefront of 3DCG technology, specializing in the creation of lifelike and stylized virtual human representations. Our unique advantage lies not only in the quality of our creations but also in our ability to manipulate everything from the setting, the character’s appearance, to personality. Through these technologies we hope to further push the boundaries of expression beyond human capabilities using 3DCG.

Our world class CG team aim to create unprecedentedly lifelike virtual humans. Stepping away from conventional methods that rely on pre-existing faces, we focus on creating CG beings created entirely from scratch. Furthermore, our pursuit extends beyond mere visuals as we delve into visual storytelling through facial expressions, which emanate unique stories and self-expression. Our skilled art directors and producers, meticulously oversee the intricate design process which is executed by our 3DCG modelers who dedicate their expertise in crafting even the minutest details – from eyelash to eyelash.

To achieve genuinely lifelike virtual humans, we must overcome the unfamiliar eeriness often felt in AI expression. A pivotal element realism is replicating the natural human-ness in human facial expression. Our specialized facial modelers are consistently engaged in research and technological advancements, striving to create virtual facial expressions that match the richness and authenticity of real human expressions.

Our focus extends beyond virtual human creation; we devote equal attention to crafting their concept through their content. The rooms and spaces they inhabit are designed with unique functions beyond the scope of what is possible in physical reality. Through these strategies, we successfully captivate fans not only with the virtual humans themselves but also with the captivating world they inhabit.

We produce virtual fashion for our virtual humans in-house, combining the latest trends with unique fashion expressions inherent to the virtual realm. Through this approach, we not only stay fashion-forward but also construct deeper personalities and distinctive worldviews for our virtual characters.


We are intensely focused on real-time capabilities, enabling virtual humans to move synchronously with performers in live streaming and producing essential storytelling content. Leveraging real-time interaction allows us to unlock the full potential of virtual IP, creating captivating content and pushing the boundaries of possibilities.

Through our own integration of our technologies, a single smartphone can achieve real-time tracking of the face and body. This technology can capture nuanced eye movements and facial expressions, conveying unprecedented levels of expression and communication in interactive content.

Real-time interaction enables our virtual humans to engage immediately with viewers. We’re introducing a fresh realm of entertainment: instant reactions to comments, screens that adapt based on audience engagement, and even digital rewards descending from the sky — experiences beyond the scope of physical reality.

This technology broadens the horizons for various interactive content, extending beyond live-streaming. From live gaming content to casual chats, elements of humour to beauty and relationship advice – with virtual expression, the potential to revolutionize and enhance pre-existing content is limitless.

AI Tech

By harnessing the power of AI, the potential of virtual humans becomes boundless. We strive towards an ambitious goal of creating virtual humans that are fully automated, from the production process to content generation. This pursuit leads us to explore new possibilities beyond human limitations. The potential of virtual humans that can operate 24/7 brings forth unknown possibilities, the extent of which is immeasurable.

We integrate AI research and development into the creation process and content production of virtual humans. Utilising AI technology allows us to achieve mass production of high-quality virtual humans and automate content generation effectively.

By harnessing AI, we can create non-existent voices and even emulate existing ones. By blending diverse voices, we can also synthesize multiple voices into entirely new ones. . These technologies significantly amplify the expressiveness of virtual humans. We believe that subtle nuances in voices and tones play a pivotal role in defining and expressing the unique identity of these virtual entities.

We’re integrating AI technology into the very ‘brain’ of our creations, aiming to birth fully autonomous virtual humans. Functioning non-stop, 24/7, these virtual entities possess the potential to cultivate a fanbase even more engaged than those of human counterparts.