We named ourselves Aww, with the hope to keep producing something that engages people’s imagination and makes them feel in “Aww”.

Our mission is to create new concepts that can be part of culture, even if it’s a little twisted, we hope to share our message and get people thinking.

Aww Inc. is
the first virtual human company in Japan representing Asia.
We believe that Virtual Human can change the world. When we say it, we actually mean it.

After more than 10 years of research in human movement and facial expression, Aww is a leader in creating and producing humans in the virtual realm that look no different from real humans. In addition to our superior development and technology, we have total creativity in all aspects of creating a virtual human - including production, direction, and storytelling.

By sharing CEO Koichi Kishimoto, Aww and Modeling Cafe share resources and work as a close team to create the world’s best quality Virtual Human.Animation Cafe is an award winning special team centering on talented animators to produce stunning CG and VFX.

Company Name

Aww Inc.


Virtual Human R&D
- Mater Model™ -

Virtual Human Project

Virtual Human Agency






  • Takayuki Moriya
  • Koichi Kishimoto
  • Producer M
  • Masato Watanabe
  • Takuya Nishimura
  • Yumi An Anzai


EPIC MegaGrants Recipient