Rigger/Rigging Artist



Your main responsibilities will be to conduct technical validation of rigging in the development of Real-time CG.

Aww is currently researchingth pre-rendering quality of real-time expressions, and we would like you to make an effort to create attractive characters in terms of movement, such as body setups that take into account changes in body shape.

Key Responsibilities

  • Setup work for virtual humans
  • Collaborate together with team members to adjust the facial expressions of virtual human
  • Conduct technical validation of Metahuman, etc.

What we are looking for

Minimal requirements:

  • Have working experience with Maya
  • Have working experience with Python
  • Is willing to work on real-time development
  • Is willing to use Unreal Engine (no experience necessary)
  • Consistently takes in information about the latest rigging updates of MetaHuman on a daily basis.

Preferred skills:

  • Have working experience with UE and C++
  • Have working experience as a Riggin TD
  • Have experience in the development of modular rig system
  • Have experience in production pipeline development.

It will be great if you are:

  • Individuals who are willing to learn the newest and latest technology.
  • Individuals who prioritize teamwork and possess a collaborative mindset to achieve success together.
  • Individuals who are interested in AR and VR-related content development.



  • Full-time, Contract, Part-time or Internship, Sub-contract


  • Depends on experience and ability
  • Raise in salary
  • Bonus

Work hours

  • Discretionary Labor System for Specialized Work(Working hours are flexible, and will be considered as working for 8 hours, no matter the actual working time)

Holidays and Vacations

  • Weekends and national holidays
  • 2 days off per week
  • Summer vacation
  • New Year(6 days of 12/291/3
  • Paid vacation
  • maternity leaveLast used example in 2023


  • Meguro-ku, Tokyo
  • On-site with Remote Flexibility


  • Social insurance (health insurance, welfare pension, etc.)
  • Commuting allowance (up to 25,000 yen)
  • Communication expense allowance (with limit)
  • PC rental
  • Water server
  • Referral system
  • No dress, hair code


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