imma stars as the campaign icon for “Pinkoi”.

imma is featured in a special campaign for Pinkoi, one of the largest global shopping sites in Asia from Taiwan, celebrating its 10th anniversary with imma posing as their caracter “Pin Tripper”.
The commercial “Pin-Trip” with imma has been released today. She will also appear in the web magazine “Pinkoi Zine”, which will run for 3 months and introduce unique items from Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian cities in the style of a travel report.

comment from imma
「Pinkoi is really fun because they have a lot of trendy items from different cities in Asia. As I scroll, I feel like I was on a trip around Asia, as there were products that I would never have come across before, and products that gave me an insight into the world of each city.
I hope you will enjoy the new web CM and the “Pin Trip Report!” you can find on the website. I hope you try Pinkoi!」

■Campaign Summary
1.Receive a 500JPY off coupon for your next purchase if you spend JPY5,000 or more (excluding shipping costs).
2.Free shipping on your first purchase (up to 1,000JPY off) from the official Pinkoi app
Duration: both until Tuesday 5th October 2021


immaが、台湾発アジア最大級のグローバル通販サイト「Pinkoi(ピンコイ)」の、10周年特別企画キャンペーンキャラクター“Pin Tripper(ピン トリッパー)”に、起用されました。
immaは、本日より配信されるWeb CM『Pin-Trip篇』に出演。また、特設サイト内で展開されるwebマガジン「Pinkoi Zine」にも登場し、3ヶ月に渡って台湾や香港などアジア各都市のアイテムを、旅レポ風に紹介していきます。

そんな感覚や楽しさが表現された“新Web CM”や “Pin Trip Report!”はもちろん、Pinkoiでのお買い物をぜひ、体験してみてください。」

1. 5,000円以上(送料除く)のお買いもので、次回使える500円OFFクーポンをプレゼント
2. Pinkoi公式アプリから、はじめてのお買いもので送料無料(最大1,000円OFF)