Aww Raises $6M to Create A Platform for Developing Global Virtual Stars and Their Communities

Aww inc, Asia’s first generative virtual human company, has raised $6M in seed financing led by Kindred Ventures to create AI-powered global virtual stars and their communities
Aww, a startup that develops hyper-realistic virtual human IP through 3DCGI and AI has confirmed a $6M raise. Kindred Ventures led the round with Dawn capital, Kanosei Ventures, and Coral Capital participating.

Aww is a Tokyo-based company at the forefront of merging creative arts and technology. The company has invested over a decade of R&D into the MASTER MODEL®, resulting in photorealistic characters with real-time motion and capabilities. Aww’s leading virtual human character is “imma”, Asia’s #1 virtual human with over 1.5M global followers across her social media and over 8,000 organic press pieces generated across 60+ countries worldwide. imma is a fast growing and influential IP, being awarded Forbes Women of the Year from Forbes Poland and appearing in the closing ceremony of Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. She can also be seen starring in various advertisements, most recently a global Coach campaign alongside co-star Lil Nas X, and other campaigns with Amazon, Porsche, BMW, IKEA, SK-II, and more. Using MASTER MODEL and in collaborations with other companies, Aww has also created virtual humans “Ayayi” in China and “Katie” in Thailand.

Aww will scale the production of virtual humans by using AI technology, and create global virtual stars in entertainment, music, and live streaming. Aww’s goal is to create a fully automated virtual human that utilizes voice and video models that enable a global community to have a natural conversation with stars that have natural facial expressions, movement, and voice. The R&D team is decreasing the time to create a CGI character by approximately 70%, a revolutionary feat because most CGI companies remain fully manual and time-consuming.

Additionally, Aww will create the future of interactive, AI-driven virtual humans. The first product in this initiative is the AI service “imma AI,” which combines Aww’s virtual human with a unique large language model (LLMs) of the specific character. Aww has created an automated process for generating such character-based LLMs and hopes to expand this technology further into a product in various business scenarios. From a virtual companion to a company IP as a customer service, the company is exploring various partnerships. Imma AI supports both Japanese and English, with plans to expand the supported languages in the future.

Through this scalable method of character generation alongside authentic storytelling for virtual humans, Aww will create a community around virtual human IP. This “Aww-verse” platform will enable interactions between virtual humans, allow fans to communicate with the virtual stars, and foster connections within communities as well. Aww is a leading generative human company that will develop virtual stars in each industry, earning international fans, community, and virtual economies. Aww is unleashing human creative potential and will ultimately transform what we know as storytelling to the transhuman frontier.

アジア初の生成型バーチャルヒューマン企業であるAww incは、にKindred Venturesがリードするシード資金調達から600万ドルを調達し、AIを活用した世界規模のバーチャルスターとそのコミュニティを創出します。

Awwは、3DCG技術とAI技術を組み合わせてフォトリアルなバーチャルヒューマンIPを開発するスタートアップであり、600万ドルの資金調達を実施しました。Kindred Venturesがリードし、Kanosei Ventures、Dawn Capital、およびCoral Capitalが参加しています。

Awwは、クリエイティブとテクノロジーを融合する最前線に立つ東京を拠点とする企業です。同社は、MASTER MODEL®に10年以上の研究開発を行っており、リアルタイムのモーションと機能を備えたフォトリアルなキャラクターを生み出しています。Awwの主要なバーチャルヒューマンは「imma」であり、アジアでナンバーワンの影響力を持つバーチャルヒューマンです。ソーシャルメディアは150万人以上のフォロワーを持ち、60か国以上で8,000件以上のメディアなどに特集されています。Awwは他の企業とMASTER MODELを使用してコラボレーションを通じて、中国の「Ayayi」やタイの「Katie」を実現しました。



最初のプロダクトとして、NVIDIA ACEを含むNVIDIAの最先端技術とimmを組み合わせたAIサービス「imma AI」を予定しています。


imma AIの技術は他のバーチャルヒューマンにも活用が可能であり、一般的な大規模言語モデル(以下、LLM)だけではなく、企業毎に制作された独自のLLMも実装が可能。





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