Aww and NVIDIA Partner to Revolutionize AI-Driven Virtual Human Technology

Aww and NVIDIA Partner to Revolutionize AI-Driven Virtual Human Technology

Aww Inc., a trailblazer in generative virtual human technology, has partnered with NVIDIA, the pioneer of accelerated computing, to advance AI-driven virtual human technology. This collaboration will accelerate the quality of “AI imma”, an AI-driven version of Aww’s virtual human influencer, imma, which allows users to interact with an automated “imma.” Leveraging NVIDIA’s latest AI and computing technology with Aww’s expertise in virtual humans, they aim to develop a service of automated virtual beings and shape the future of interactive, AI-driven digital humans.

Aww Inc., Asia’s first generative virtual human company, is a Tokyo-based leader at the forefront of merging creative arts and technology. With over a decade of R&D invested into the MASTER MODEL®, the technology allows Aww to create photorealistic characters with real-time motion and capabilities. Aww’s virtual human influencer, imma, a character with already 1.5M followers world wide and working with brands like Amazon, Coach, Porsche, and IKEA, has recently been reborn as its new AI-driven form “imma AI.”

imma AI is a start of a line of AI-driven virtual humans which combines the look of Aww’s own aesthetic virtual human with a unique large language model (LLMs) of the specific character. Aww has created an automated process for generating such character-based LLMs and hopes to expand this technology further into a service in various business scenarios. 

Next, Aww’s goal is to transform the production efficiency and quality of their AI-driven virtual humans. The added integration of NVIDIA’s Audio2face animation and lip-syncing technology, will enable more realistic and natural communication from AI imma, facilitating a better quality in real-time interaction with users. With NVIDIA ACE, Aww plans to reduce the production delivery of virtual humans and meet the increasing demand across various industries. Also leveraging NVIDIA’s ACE NIM microservices, Aww expect the virtual human communication to be more natural.

In collaboration with NVIDIA, Aww set to elevate customer experiences and inspire innovative business models, leveraging advanced AI technology to create highly personalized and interactive digital humans.


In Jensen’s words:
“Digital humans will revolutionize industries,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “Breakthroughs in multi-modal large language models and neural graphics — delivered by NVIDIA ACE to our ecosystem of developers — are bringing us closer to a future of intent-driven computing, where interacting with computers is as natural as interacting with humans.”



We believe that in a world where digital humans are everywhere, the top 1% of digital celebrities like our imma cut through the noise and add even more value.

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