Meidogahara Sarasa will release her debut single “13日の月曜日(13-nichi no Getsuyoubi)” May 13th (Monday).

Meidogahara Sarasa is active mainly on YouTube and gaming streams, and with her cute appearance and stylish 8-head tall avatar design, she has gained support not just from males but also young female fans.

For ANOME’s momentous first song, the producer was ARAKI, who has provided songs for numerous artists and anime like WEST., A.B.C-Z, and 賭ケグルイ双. The guitarist was 小林ファンキ風格, who has participated in Da-iCE, THE RAMPAGE, FRUITS ZIPPER, and his own band PARIS on the City!. キタニタツヤ also took part.

The edgy guitars and groovy bass intertwine into a genre-defying rhythmic pop song with a fresh sound. The catchy lyrics and title, with punch lines that can be extracted from anywhere, express an appealing side of Meidogahara Sarasa.

Moving forward, ANOME will continue to invite top musicians and artists to create pop songs that are quintessentially “Meidogahara Sarasa,” presenting them to the world.



ANOMEによる記念すべき第一作目の楽曲制作は、プロデューサーにWEST.、A.B.C-Z、賭ケグルイ双など数々のアーティストやアニメにも楽曲を提供するARAKIを迎え、ギタリストとしてキタニタツヤ、Da-iCE、THE RAMPAGE、FRUITS ZIPPERへの参加や、自身のバンドPARIS on the City!でも活躍する小林ファンキ風格も参加いたしました。



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