Anticipated Moko Tenshi Finally Debuts as a Virtual Human

Tenshimoko will debut from the virtual human streaming project ‘ANOME.’ Tune in on Friday, March 1st at 8:00PM for her stream!

“I’m Tenshimoko, from ANOME! You’ll be able to understand what I’m like just by watching my videos or streams once. For instance, I’ve been persistently telling my agency to always put a circle (〇) on the “モ” in “㋲子,” but I usually don’t bother doing it myself. That’s how laid-back I am, and I’m going to keep it that way.

I’ll do my best to become the ‘Number One Idol,’ so I hope you’ll support me as I strive to be as cute as possible. I’m also ready to sign autographs anytime, anywhere! Come watch my streams!”

“Tenshimok is a Super-Ultra-Hyper-Miracle-Beauty with a height of 145cm, raised in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, aiming to become the ‘Number One Idol’.”

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■ Debut Steram Details
Date and Time: March 1, 2024 8PM JST
Streaming URL (Twitch):
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バーチャルヒューマンのストリーミングプロジェクト「ANOME」から、天使㋲子(てんしもこ)がデビューします。2024 年3月1日(金)20時から配信!


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■ 初配信概要
日時:2024年 3月1日 (金) 20:00~
配信URL (Twitch):

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