Aww announces alliance with Stability AI

We are pleased to announce that we have formed a business alliance with Stability AI, the UK-based developer of Stable Diffusion, a leading AI company that is driving the generative AI boom.
Stable Diffusion is based on a dataset containing over 5 billion image-text pairs, including LAION-5B, which was trained by analyzing image data mainly from the Internet and extracting highly similar image-text pairs. Our virtual human, on the other hand, is based on the original IP.
Since our virtual humans are developed using 3DCG as the original IP, the image data generated from the virtual humans can be freely moved to obtain an unlimited number of human data and text pairs with stable facial expressions and poses, and since they are original IP, they can be used with confidence.
Through joint development with Stability AI, we believe that we can pursue new possibilities for virtual humans using AI technology and have entered into a business alliance.
Together we hope to explore new breakthroughs in the technological and artistic fields by combining virtual humans and AI technology.

弊社は、生成AIブームを牽引するAIのリーディングカンパニー画像生成AI「Stable Diffusion」の開発元である英Stablity AI社との業務提携を行なったことを発表いたします。
「Stable Diffusion」は「LAION-5B」等の50億以上もの画像とテキストのペアを含むデータセットを用いられており、これらの学習データセットは主にインターネット上の画像データを解析し、類似性の高い画像とテキストのペアを抽出したものとなっております。
Stability AI社との共同開発を通じて、AI技術を用いたバーチャルヒューマンの新たな可能性を追求できると考え、業務提携に至りました。

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