imma wins the Incentive Award for “2021 Cool Japan Matching Awards” hosted by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.

imma has received the incentive award in the “”2021 Cool Japan Matching Awards”” hosted by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.

Through the competence of virtual humans and in collaboration with Value Co., Ltd., which operates “”Social Match for SDGs””, imma was able to visit Cambodia amidst the pandemic to meet Pannary who supports the work of local women.
imma raised the awareness of the topic and shared Pannary’s efforts to raise the status of women in Cambodia – which was recognized in this award.

*Cabinet Office “Cool Japan Matcing Awards”:


海外との人流・物流が困難となったコロナ禍で「Social Match for SDGs」を運営する株式会社valueと連携し、バーチャルヒューマンの特性を生かして、カンボジア女性支援活動家のパンナリー氏を訪問。

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