Ai Studio


By harnessing the power of AI, the potential of virtual humans becomes boundless. We strive towards an ambitious goal of creating virtual humans that are fully automated, from the production process to content generation. This pursuit leads us to explore new possibilities beyond human limitations. The potential of virtual humans that can operate 24/7 brings forth unknown possibilities, the extent of which is immeasurable.

As artificial intelligence evolves, we are researching and developing new technologies to make interactions with virtual humans more natural and realistic. By combining voice recognition, large language models, voice synthesis, and text-to-motion with our proprietary CG models, we have successfully realized photorealistic virtual humans.
Our aim in this field is to provide user experiences that transcend the confines of technology. We are exploring the potential for conversations with virtual humans to become not just a display of technology, but a new experience for users.

To realize these new experiences, we are conducting research and development to accurately reflect the individuality of virtual humans. This includes the automatic generation, optimization, and evaluation of prompts that accurately reflect the characteristics of the virtual humans. This allows us to bring the unique features of virtual humans to the forefront without being unduly influenced by the general characteristics of LLMs.

In development, our technical team collaborates with creators and incorporates a Human in the loop approach. This allows us to identify challenges related to the character's personality and resolve them step by step. This collaborative process lays the foundation for virtual humans to engage in more realistic dialogues.
We are aiming for a future where virtual humans operate autonomously 24/7, generating new content and interacting with audiences. With the advancement of this technology, we anticipate the boundaries between virtual and reality becoming increasingly blurred, giving rise to new forms of communication. Let's create the future of interaction with virtual humans together.