3-D Scanning

3-D scanning is the perfect solution for reproducing photorealistic characters. Our state-of-the-art technology captures high-resolution topology and uses detailed texture mapping to make our virtual humans look as real as possible.

Furthermore, by using this 3-D facial scanning system, we accrue enough data to create hundreds of patterns of believable, moving facial expressions.

Motion Capture

Motion capture uses optical markers fixed onto the actor’s bodies. When the actors move, the data from the markers is then transferred onto the 3-D character. By doing so, the optical markers allow for the motion capture to faithfully reproduce the actor’s actions onto the character in whatever way is desired.

Facial Capture

Aww’s facial capture service uses a head-mounted camera. The aforementioned optical body motion capture system can be used to gather data to capture images of both the body and the face. By using these technologies, it is possible to construct systems to introduce interactive live streaming of these characters.

Modelling + Setup

Japan’s biggest modelling company, “ModelingCafe,” has photorealistic modelling’s technology allows for the reproduction of the most minute details down to individual hairs and pores, allowing us to breathe more life into our virtual humans.

Furthermore, Aww produced virtual humans are all created by using their underlying data known as the Master Model, which the company continues to invest in. Using the Master Model, when one virtual human undergoes any technological evolutions, all of the other virtual humans will be updated accordingly instantaneously. This technology allows for us to achieve many complex updates in a short span of time.

Realtime 3DCG

At Aww, we have developed 3-D characters that are optimised for game engines such as Unity and Unreal. We will be able to expand the possibilities of virtual humans infinitely through their real-time interactions with live music or direct streaming.

Virtual Fashion

The technologies used to generate 3-D models from our costume patterns allow for us to create highly realistic virtual costumes. These virtual costumes we create can be used to show realistic wrinkles that change with the movements of the virtual humans as well as external conditions.