Protection Policy



  1. 個人情報の取得・利用について


  2. 個人情報の第三者への開示について


    • 法令に基づく場合
    • 本人の同意がある場合
    • 当社が業務の一部を委託している外部業者へ利用目的の達成に必要な範囲内において提供する場合
  3. 個人情報の管理について


  4. 社内体制の継続的改善


  5. 個人情報に関するお問い合わせについて


  6. Cookieの使用について



Aww Inc.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Aww Inc. deeply recognizes that personal information is important information that should be handled carefully under the philosophy of respecting the personal dignity of individuals, and the personal information of all individuals with relations to our company, including our customers, is handled in compliance with laws and regulations that relate to the protection of personal information. Accordingly, we have established the following basic policies and strive to protect personal information.

  1. Gathering·use of personal information

    We gather personal information for professional use only. The gathered personal information is only used to achieve a specified purpose indicated previously.

  2. Non-disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

    We will not disclose personal information to third parties except for the following reasons.

    • Disclosure of Personal Information is required by law
    • Individual consents to disclosure
    • Provided only to achieve a specified business purpose to an external party which we consign part of business to
  3. Management of personal information

    We appropriately manage entrusted personal information, and employs preventive measures and safety precaution from unjustified access, loss of, damage to, and alteration of personal information.

  4. Continuous improvement of in-house structure

    We continue to improve the internal management system and educate all of the directors, employees and everyone concerned with us in order to protect personal information. In addition, we strive to continuously strengthen and improve the internal management system, which includes revising the Personal Information Protection Policy.

  5. Inquiries about personal information

    We will correspond to the request of disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and termination of personal information within a rational sense after the confirmation of the identity.

  6. Use of Cookies

    Cookies are pieces of data that are sent from a webserver to a user’s browser and saved on their device. Our company may use Cookies to collect information such as browsing status with the aim of improving access to this website.
    Many browsers are set to accept Cookies at default, but your browser’s settings for accepting Cookies can be changed.

Inquiries regarding personal information
Please contact us for inquiries related to the personal information of our customers.

Aww Inc.